Resume Revision and Optimization


If you have an existing resume, I can review it and rewrite it. By identifying the common mistakes many people make, we can make your resume the perfect tool in helping you find that ideal job. If your resume is perfectly fine as it is, I will honestly tell you as much, at no charge. $60.00

Basic Resume Composition


If you don’t have a resume, I will compose one for you.  We can meet, and talk through your job experience, bringing up the important points and finding the right phrasing to emphasize how you can bring value to a potential employer. $80.00

Curriculum Vitae


A more advanced resume for technical professions such as academia, medical, engineering. $80 for first page, +$15 for each additional page.

Federal Format Resume


Will write up a resume in the Federal Format, utilizing the standard structure required by Federal Agencies. $80.00 (20.00 with Composition or Revision service)

Online Setup


Will set up your Resume Profile on websites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Career Builder, USA Jobs, and Monster. Will provide you with the password and offer basic tutorials how to navigate the website. $10.00 for 3 Websites.

Cover Letters


I will compose a basic cover letter template. Cover letters should never be that complicated, and all the basic information should be in the resume itself. I will compose one that is a short, to the point, and effective which can be easily modified. $10.00

LinkedIn Profile Development


Will review, optimize or help you set up your LinkedIn profile. Linked In Profiles are the wave of the future in professional and personal branding in the digital age, and I help you find the format that allows you to best define yourself. $10.00

Thank You Letter Template


Will compose a note for you to send to employers after an interview. A thank you letter indicates interest and gives you another shot at the interviewer. $10.00

Resume Workshop


I will come in and meet with your group, give a short PowerPoint presentation on common resume errors, and do a free review of resumes for anyone who is interested. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. This service is free to Church and Veteran Groups, otherwise the seminar is $100.00.

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