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Working as a team, we will review and build your resume to make it the most effective tool to help you find that ideal job. Here are some of the ways we improve your resume:

  • More concise - We focus your CV or resume by finding the most effective summary of your history, skills and accomplishments.

  • Keywords – Identifying the Keywords that are relevant to your industry, so they show up on searches by Applicant Tracking Software.

  • Emphasizing Accomplishments - By identifying your achievements, contributions and improvements, we show your value to potential employers.

  • Identifying Skills - Finding the unique talents you have to offer.

  • Eliminating Common Errors – There are common mistakes people make in their resumes which are frequently deal-killers. We can identify these and eliminate them.

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Joseph Buss


Competitive Edge Resume Service was started by me, Joseph Buss, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago. After College, I served active duty Army for six years, leaving at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Since then, I have spent the last 20 years working in Logistics management. I have worked in both manufacturing and distribution environments, and know the Chicago Labor Market well.


Joe condensed my monstrosity of a resume to one page, something I didn't think was possible.


Tim C.

Being a veteran himself helped in translating my own military career into a professional resume.


Sean A.

After my brother had a long stint of being unemployed Joe worked on my his resume and he landed a job only after only a couple of weeks.


Aida C,